2.0.0 (August 2018)

  • Dropped MySQL support
  • Refactored clean and loading commands for readability
  • Added Django 2.1 support
  • Added Python 3.7 support

1.6.2 (October 2017)

  • Renamed raw data zipfile as to match the language on our revamped downloads page

1.6.1 (September 2017)

  • Upgrade to v2.0.0 of django-postgres-copy and refactor export commands accordingly
  • Require Django 1.10 or above
  • Correct documentation for a number of fields

1.6.0 (July 2017)

  • Deprecate --test, --use-test-data options from updatecalaccessrawdata command.
  • Renamed custom Django project setting CALACCESS_DOWNLOAD_DIR to CALACCESS_DATA_DIR.
  • Removed CALACCESS_TEST_DOWNLOAD_DIR project setting.
  • Extract and track any .TSV file regardless of location in download .ZIP directory tree.

1.5.2 (April 2017)

  • Fix duplicate updates. Only create a new RawDataVersion if:
    • Content-length from HEAD differs from expected_size on previous version, or,
    • Last-modified is at least five minutes more recent than release_datetime on previous version.

1.5.1 (April 2017)

  • Proceed with download of ZIP file as long as last-modified datetimes in HEAD and GET requests are within five minutes of each other.

1.5.0 (April 2017)

  • Django 1.11 compatibility.
  • Fix check for existing clean zipped file when resuming.
  • Fix message on response status code log.
  • Skip dropping/re-adding of database table constraints and indexes when loading into MySQL (transactional DDL statements are not supported).

1.4.9 (March 2017)

  • Reset auto-increment fields after truncating database tables in postgres.
  • Add prefixes on tracking model admins.
  • When making requests to, log HTTP status code and reason and raise HTTP error if bad status.

1.4.8 (January 2017)

  • Upgrade to csvkit version 1.0.

1.4.7 (December 2016)

  • Fixed search field on admins for models with ForeignKey fields.

1.4.6 (November 2016)

  • Upgraded to latest version of django-postgres-copy
  • Small improvements to CAL-ACCESS field documentation
  • Small expansion of unittests
  • Clean up of migrations

1.4.5 (September 2016)

  • Copyediting of CAL-ACCESS form documentation

1.4.2 (late-August 2016)

  • Docstring edits

1.4.1 (late-August 2016)

  • Increase max character length on ReceivedFilingsCd fields.
  • Prevent unnecessary download of zip when resuming updatecalaccessrawdata.
  • Include release datetimes in log when downloadcalaccessrawdata and updatecalaccessrawdata versions are incompatible.

1.4.0 (mid-August 2016)

  • Added zipping up and archiving of cleaned CSVs and error logs.

    • Added RawDataVersion.clean_zip_archive FileField.
    • Renamed RawDataVersion.zip_file_archive to RawDataVersion.download_zip_archive.
  • Smaller clean data files (removed unnecessary quote characters).

  • Improvements to tracking models

    • Replaced RawDataCommand model with datetime fields and related properties
      • Added to RawDataVersion instances
        • .update_start_datetime and .update_finish_datetime to store version’s most recent update start and finish datetimes.
        • .update_completed returns True if most recent update to version started and finished.
        • .update_stalled returns True if most recent update to version started but did not finish.
        • .download_start_datetime and .download_finish_datetime to store version’s most recent download start and finish datetimes.
        • .download_completed returns True if most recent download of version started and finished.
        • .download_stalled returns True if most recent download version started but did not finish.
        • .completed() QuerySet method to RawDataVersion to get all versions where the update completed.
      • Added to RawDataFile instances
        • .clean_start_datetime and .clean_finish_datetime to store raw file’s most recent clean start and finish datetimes.
        • .load_start_datetime and .load_finish_datetime to store raw file’s most recent load start and finish datetimes.
    • Expanded file size tracking
      • Renamed .size to .expected_size on RawDataVersion instances.
      • Added .download_zip_size to RawDataVersion instances.
      • Added .clean_zip_size to RawDataVersion instances.
      • Added methods to get a pretty version (e.g., 723M) of each file size field
        • Added to RawDataVersion instances
          • .pretty_expected_size()
          • .pretty_download_size()
          • .pretty_clean_size()
        • Added to RawDataFile instances
          • .pretty_download_file_size()
          • .pretty_clean_file_size()
      • Raise CommandError if completed download file size is not the same as expected size.
      • Added RawDataVersion properties to calculate file and record counts:
        • .download_file_count
        • .download_record_count
        • .clean_file_count
        • .clean_record_count
        • .error_file_count
        • .error_count
  • Added extractcalaccessrawfiles management command for unzipping and extracting raw data files from downloaded CAL-ACCESS database export.

    • Start and finish times stored in .start_extract_datetime and .finish_extract_datetime on RawDataVersion instances.
  • Bug fixes.

    • In``downloadcalaccessrawdata``, skip download if the size of the local zip file is equal to or bigger than the expected zip file size.
    • Because the server hosting the ZIP doesn’t always provide the most up-to-date resource (as we have documented), a CommandError will be raised under any of the following conditions:
      • If downloadcalaccessrawdata is not called from the command-line (presumably, then, it was called by updatecalaccessrawdata), and the RawDataVersion instance of the download command doesn’t match the most recently started update.
      • If the ETag in the initial HEAD request made by downloadcalaccessrawdata does not match the ETag in the subsequent GET request.
      • If the actual size of the ZIP does not match the value of the Content-Length in the HEAD response.
    • If downloadcalaccessrawdata raises any of the above errors, updatecalaccessrawdata will wait five minutes and try again.
    • When archiving zips and files, open in binary ('rb') mode.
    • In cleancalaccessrawfile, fixed skipping of empty lines for Python 3.5.
  • Support for Django 1.10.

1.3.0 (July 2016)

  • Now distributing on wheels.
  • Added error_count to output reportcalaccessrawdata and excluded any unspecified fields.
  • Added model property to RawDataFile that returns the CalAccess model object.

1.2.0 (July 2016)

  • Enhancements to tracking models
    • Zero pad datetime parts of archive dir (for better sorting)
    • Calculate and store load_columns_count and load_records_count in loadcalaccessrawfile
    • Added error_count and error_log_archive fields to RawDataFile in order to track bad line parses during cleancalaccessrawfile.
    • Added download_file_size and clean_file_size to RawDataFile.
  • Enhancements to CalAccess models
    • Added inactive models group for CAL-ACCESS tables that are empty or apparently no longer in use.
    • Added a CalAccessMetaClass to automatically configure meta attributes common to all models.
    • Added a custom admin for every model.
    • Model verbose names are pre-fixed with model groups
    • Edits to model doc strings.
  • Enhancements to management commands
    • Added standard logging.
    • Added a to the end of the updatecalaccessrawdata command to allow sending of emails when finished
    • Edits to command doc strings.
  • More tests
    • Test to confirm that any field included in a model’s UNIQUE_KEY attribute actually exists on the model.
    • Test to confirm that every model has a custom admin.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed numbers in clean_records_count for RawDataFile.
    • Fixed line numbers logged in errors.csv files.
    • Write output of reportcalaccessrawdata to data directory instead of REPO_DIR, which may not be in settings.

1.1.0 (late June 2016)

  • When –noinput is invoked for updatecalaccessrawdata, exit if previously updated to the currently available version.
  • Enforce lowercase UNIQUE_KEY settings on models.
  • Removed unnecessary pretty amount model methods as part of driving models file test coverage up to 100%.

1.0.2 (early June 2016)

  • Include migrations in official package.
  • Fix verbose_name for RawDataFile.clean_file_archive.

1.0.0 (May 2016)

  • Enhanced resume behavior
    • Allow previously interrupted updates to resume at any stage of the process: downloading, cleaning or loading.
    • Users will be prompted to resume (if possible). User may decline and re-start the entire update.
    • Removed --resume-download option from updatecalaccessrawdata and downloadcalaccessrawdata in favor of prompting the user to resume.
    • Removed --database option from all commands. Multi-database users are encouraged to use Django’s database routers.
  • Raw data file archiving
    • Added CALACCESS_STORE_ARCHIVE setting. When enabled, management commands will save each version of the downloaded .zip file, the extracted .tsv files and cleaned .csv files to the Django project’s MEDIA_ROOT.
    • Added FileFields to RawDataVersion and RawDataFile in order to link the database records with the archived files they reference.
  • Completed documentation of all 80 raw data models and 1,467 fields
    • Defined hundreds of choices for 182 look-up fields.
    • Published expanded Django project documentation. Added re-directs from old app-specific documentation.
    • Integrated references to official documents and filing forms into data models. PDFs on DocumentCloud.
  • Expanded unit testing of data model documentation
    • Wider scope of choice field testing.
    • Verify that each model has a UNIQUE_KEY attribute set.
    • Verify that each model has a document reference.
    • Verify that each choice field has a document reference.
    • Verify that each model with a form_type or form_id field (with a few exceptions) is linked to filing forms.
    • Introduced reportcalaccessrawdata command, which generates a report outlining the number / proportion of files / records cleaned and loaded.
  • Model Re-modeling:
    • Moved BallotMeasuresCd from to Same with admin.
    • Moved remaining models in to Removed Same with admins.
    • Re-ordered models into related groups.
  • Bug fixes
    • Truncate time portions of raw datetime values (see #1457).
    • Strip newlines when loading into MySQL.

0.2.0 (January 2016)

  • Support for Python 3.5
  • Support for Django 1.9
  • Simplified downloadcalaccessrawdata. Now only downloads, unzips and preps
  • Introduced updatecalaccessrawdata, which downloads, cleans and loads data
  • Added –resume-download option in case download is interrupted
  • Added –csv option to loadcalaccessrawfile so that users can load from a file other than the one specified for the given calaccess_raw model
  • Added –keep-files option. Unless the option is invoked downloadcalaccessrawdata, cleancalaccessrawfile, loadcalaccessrawfile and updatecalaccessrawdata now clear out original and intermediate files
  • Support for multiple databases configured in Django DATABASE settings. Users can now load into a specified database using –database option
  • Fixed verifycalaccessrawfile
  • Updated management command options to most recent Django style, using argparse instead of optparse
  • Hundreds of unique keys, field defs and choices patched by Code Rushers
  • Automatically generated table documentation page
  • Expanded documentation

0.1.2 (February 2015)

  • Substituted clint for progressbar
  • Improved choices for form type fields

0.1.1 (January 2015)

  • Datetime support for MySQL fields
  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow null values in PostgreSQL datetime fields

0.1.0 (November 2014)

  • Support for PostgreSQL database backends
  • Upgraded to Django 1.7
  • Prettified management command output and logging
  • Improved docs, admins and configuration for some campaign-finance models
  • Numerous small bug fixes and documentation corrections

0.0.7 (August 2014)

  • Complete set of models that cover 100% of source CSV files
  • Management commands that prep and load the data for MySQL backends
  • Administration panels for previewing the data